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Home upgrades

Mine Tilvalg is a complete web based system to manage home upgrades in new construction homes. It simplifies your workflow and minimizes the possibilities of costly misregistrations

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Streamline your processes

Mine Tilvalg solves and simplifies the challenges you face in the home upgrade process

Minimize redundant work

Our solution simplifies and automatizes the home upgrade process to minimize redundant work. Save time and get more done!

“Our customers reduce their workload with over 50%”.

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Minimize redundant work

Eliminate misregistrations

All orders are automatically registered in the system and signed with a binding electronic signature. Eliminate manual registrations of orders and costly misregistrations completely.

“A simple misregistration can cost your company up to 200.000 NOK in defect correction and compensation”.

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Make home upgrades more profitable

Mine Tilvalg simplifies your customer’s buying process through an attractive online store. Make it easy for home buyers to upgrade the standard in their new home.

From our experience home buyers have a strong purchasing power and are willing to upgrade the standard in their home when our customers facilitate the home upgrade process.

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A complete system to manage home upgrades

Let your project reach new heights through our web-based home upgrade system

Communication system

Communication system

Communicate efficiently with home buyers through a communication system. All messages are sorted per household to eliminate the need to deal with multiple email addresses or to search through a lengthy email correspondence to find a specific message.

Document management

Document management

Upload all documents and contracts directly to your customers. All home buyers will have a personal document folder and will be notified when a new document is uploaded. Housing cooperatives can get access to all documents to maintain common area and to perform other tasks.

Online store for home upgrades

Online store for home upgrades

All home upgrades are handled through an attractive online store with product illustrations and information to guide home buyers to upgrade the standard in their home. Orders are accepted and electronically signed through BankID and registered in the system automatically

Activity log overview

Activity log overview

Get full overview over which user has logged in to the system, what upgrades they have made in accordance to the scheduled deadlines. This way, you can get an overview of all the residents that are behind in ordering home upgrades.

End reports

End reports

Create and customize order reports sorted by category that you can send to your contractors, and generate order reports for each home to assist quality assurance to finalize the building construction. The reports can also be sent to real estate brokers to bill home buyers for their upgrades.


Testimonial author

Stine is a consultant at Kruse Smith and uses on several projects. Her most important criteria for using a home upgrade system is that “the solution is watertight with minimal possibility of errors. It must also be user friendly and intuitive, but at the same time be able to offer customized solutions that fits with our projects. Here I believe Mine Tilvalg excels”. She continues and tells us that “Mine Tilvalg has simplified the whole process of home upgrades for new development projects and has transformed the process to be more efficient and straightforward. We save time by allowing our customers to take a larger part of the ordering process digitally and the system provides us with a comprehensive overview of all the orders”.

Stine Granmo Kiligitto, Consultant at Kruse Smith

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Home upgrades simplified

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